ConeColor inks in Epson 7600, 9600 printer
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Paper Brand Paper grade Profile Name (click to download each)
Epson Canson Arches Aquarelle Rag CCK2-7600-CansonArchAquaRag.icm
Epson Canson BFK Rives CCK2-7600-CansonBFKrives.icm
Epson Canson Edition Etching Rag CCK2-7600-CansonEditionEtchRag.icm
Epson Canson Mi Teintes CCK2-7600-CansonMiTeintes.icm
Epson Canson Rag Photographique CCK2-7600-CansonRagPhoto.icm
Epson Epson Double Sided Matte CCK2-7600-EPdblSideMatte.icm
Epson Epson Enhanced Matte CCK2-7600-EPenhMatte.icm
Epson Epson Matte HeavyWeight


Epson Epson Photo Quality Inkjet Paper CCK2-7600-EPpqip.icm
Epson Epson UltraSmooth Fine Art CCK2-7600-EPultrasmoothFA.icm
Epson Epson Velvet Fine Art CCK2-7600-EPvelvetFA.icm
Epson Epson Watercolor Paper CCK2-7600-EPwatercolor.icm
Hahnemuhle Hahnemuhle Bamboo CCK2-7600-HANbamboo.icm
Hahnemuhle Hahnemuhle German Etching CCK2-7600-HANgerEtch.icm
Hahnemuhle Hahnemuhle Musuem Etching CCK2-7600-HANmusEtch.icm
Hahnemuhle Hahnemuhle Natural Art Duo CCK2-7600-HANnatArtDuo.icm
Hahnemuhle Hahnemuhle Photo Rag CCK2-7600-HANptoRag.icm
Hahnemuhle Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Bright White CCK2-7600-HANptoRagBrtW.icm
Hahnemuhle Hahnemuhle White Velvet CCK2-7600-HANwhiteVelvet.icm
Moab Moab Entrada Bright White CCK2-7600-MoabEntBrightW.icm
Moab Moab Entrada Natural White CCK2-7600-MoabEntNatW.icm
Moab Moab Lasal Photo Matte CCK2-7600-MoabLasalPtoM.icm

Color Management

We color managed our inks - so that they work with Epson settings and Epson profiles when you use Epson media. We are also building a library of poplular media ICC profiles for third-party papers. While we're at that - we create as perfect a profile as we can for Epson media.

The most important part of an ICC managed workflow is the settings. An ICC profile is a characterization of the output device - that characterization includes the media, inks, printer, and both the workflow and printer driver settings. Please make certain that you use our recommended settings and workflow by downloading our guide to ICC color management.
Printing With a Color Profile.pdf pdf1.2MB.

ICC Media Profiles for Epson printer drivers

The following ICC profile directories will work with Mac and Windows as well as Photoshop versions up to CS5 with the exception of CS4 on Mac. Currently there is a broken link in the color management workflow between new versions of the Mac OS and CS4. Some fix from Apple or Adobe is in the works. You can contact us for custom profiles for CS4/Mac in the interim.

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directory ConeColor K2 inks in Epson 7600/9600

directory ConeColor K3 Vivid in Epson 7880-9880

directory ConeColorPRO HDR inks in Epson 7900/9900

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