"I have been using cone ink and carts on my 4800 for 8 months. Same color as oem epson ink, very well made carts that are easy to reset. And the support from inkjetmall has been very professional, and prompt. On occasion Jon Cone has been on duty at their online help desk and took the time to reply in real time to my questions. His most recent blog on the fluid mechanics of pigment ink printers was the most reasoned explanation of the clogging issue and how to prevent it--regular printing--I have ever read. Since i buy his ink in half liter bottles for 15 cents a ml, i now have been printing 5 or 6 out of seven days and am having less clogs. I cant be more pleased, and you wont be disappointed either."

Michael Boehm

"I've been using Cone inks with my 3800 for about 4 months and the results have been excellent. All profiles I made for Epson inks are very, very close using ConeColor inks, but I re-profiled nevertheless (probably for no other reason other than "I can")."

J David Colvert

"You should choose your 3rd party ink supplier carefully. The quality of ink varies greatly. Choose based on other peoples' experiences and never based on what the seller says on a website. Over the years I have used 4 different 3rd party ink suppliers on 4 different printers, and only one of them (ConeColor) has not really needed custom profiles."

George Pang


"Hi Jon We have been using your inks for about 6 months, and wanted you to know that I LOVE them. I was very skeptical, because in the past I had used another company's inks and ruined our Epson 9800. We now have the Epson 9880, and your inks are working great. When we were using the Epson inks I was having to do a power cleaning at least once or twice a week. With your inks I am only doing this once a month. What a savings in ink and money. My head clogging problem has almost disappeared with your inks. Thank you for creating a great product."

Total Camera & Video
1310-A Center Dr. Medford, OR 97501


"I'm currently using Jon Cone's color pigment inks (www.inkjetmall.com) in my 7800. I phased them in with the Epson inks using the refillable cartridges also available there. Didn't flush the system. Did this over a year ago and had zero problems with them. Their color space is the same as the Epson inks so everything worked from the git go. Results have been great on all different papers I use. One added benefit when I bought the set of inks and cartridges, it included both photo and matte black cartridges and bottles."

Paul Zeigler
FZC Photography


"A note to let you know that when it comes to ink, yours are truly the best. We switched to ConeColor ink at Wildflower Graphics over a year ago, and I haven't had to write because that integration has been without a hitch. The fact that we don't throw the carts away after every use has helped us to achieve a reduction in our waste stream. The price of ink is not the limiting factor it once was allowing use to switch our toner based prints to inkjet, with higher quality and lower cost. Our sales are up in this down economy, in part I 'm sure to the switch. The compatibility with the Epson Ink color gamut is nothing short of remarkable. So thanks for a real solution to a real problem, Keep up the good work."

Richie Bittner
Wildflower Graphics


"The ConeColor color match is so close that I use the profiles that Epson provides for their inks with no problem. I intermixed the Epson and ConeColor inks until the Epson cartridges were used up and I couldn't see any difference as this change-over was taking place. The ConeColor looks like it produces a richer black. I didn't have any bronzing issues and the price is right. I was a little reluctant to switch but I am glad I did. All in all I think ConeColor inks are a great product."

Drex Brooks


"I use both the Photo Black and Matte Black ConeColor inksets in my department's Epson 4800 printers. It works very well indeed and has saved the art department over a thousand dollars just in the last semester. We are a rather small digital lab but it makes a huge difference in our budget"

Walker Blackwell
Lab Coordinator at University Vermont Department of Art


"I've used ConeColor K3 inks for quite some time now in both of my Epson 9800's. I have used both Matte and Photo Black sets and found that the gamut was as close to OEM as I could imagine they could be. I have seen almost identical results using my own profiles or the OEM profiles. My clients have not found any fault in the ConeColor inks now that I am substituting them for Epson Ultrachrome. Even the amount of bronzing and gloss differential is virtually identical. Recently, I introduced ConeColor Vivid Magenta on both machines to upgrade the color space."

Mark Sonners


"ConeColor K3 ink is very very close to Epson UltraChrome K3. I print on papers from Epson, PremiereArt & Moab. It performs well on Lustre, Matte and Canvas of all kinds. The biggest and most satisfying part of using ConeColor is that I am not filling the landfills with countless cartridges that could have up to 20% of the ink left in them."

Jon Smithers - Wildlife & Nature Photography


"I have found ConeColor inks to be the equal in performance and color of Epson inks. I really enjoy the savings and the ability to print a ton of work before re-filling. The best thing, however is the service every member of InkjetMall has given me. Their knowledge of products, software and printing techniques is a valuable resource for me."

Mark Davidson
Mark Davidson Photography


"I'm using ConeColor inks in my Epson 2400 printer. My work is extremely vibrant with a lot of out-of-gamut colors and I've been very happy with the results. I can't tell the difference between ConeColor inks and the Epson UltraChrome inks... actually, ConeColor might be a little better, if anything. In addition to that, I'm saving a LOT of money by using your inks!

I recently had to turn my printer off for 3 months. I was dreading the thought of head clogs, but after 5 or 6 head cleanings.....perfect! I can't tell you how happy that made me."

Bruce K. Haley, Jr.
BK Haley Photography

""I think ConeColor inks are excellent. The color is good, the durability and color-fastness is good. The inks are essentially drop in replaceable for the Epson UltraChrome inks on the 9800."

Jan Stiff


"I'm using ConeColor ink to print on canvas. The guy doing my stretching loves the ink. He says it does not crack like many others. Thanks for providing an excellent source for after market ink"

Rudy Harvey


"I've been a professional photographer for 25 years. I recently made test prints with Epson inks. Then I printed the same set of images using the same profiles with ConeColor inks. The difference was indistinguishable. No clogging, no profiling and no carts to dispose of. Just doing my bit for the environment."

Joel Conison


"ConeColor K3 inks work perfectly with Epson profiles just as if I was using Epson inks. The inks really do match Epson's color... just as predictable, just as consistent, same image quality. Great product!"

Stephen Harris
Advanced Amateur Photographer
New Haven, CT

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